5G: Pros and Cons of 5G Network Services.

5G: Pros and Cons of 5G Network Services

5G: Pros and cons of 5G network services: The whole world is passionate about 5G network services. Telecom industries across the world want to outsmart each other in the 5G race. Manufacturers of telecom equipment, telecom operators, smartphone makers and even consumers are pretty excited about 5G services.

We all know very well that after 3G failure, 4G service is still not fully provided everywhere in the world. Where 4G service is provided, the speed of 4G decreases significantly. What can you expect from upcoming 5G network services? Have you ever thought about its pros and cons?
Around 8 mobile users in the whole world. 8.98 billion is there. 2.5 billion smartphone users, which means only 36%. Asia has more mobile and internet users, but many Asian countries still have lots of 2G users. Don’t be surprised friends, for example, we take India, we all know 75% of India population depend on agriculture.

Now tell me what is the need of 5G network service for farmer? Though still not enough 4G services are provided in India. Then how much importance will Indians give to 5G network service?

What is 5G network services?

5G means the fifth generation of wireless technology, we can also say the next generation of mobile network that delivers faster and more reliable on smartphones and other devices. The average download speed is expected to be 1 GBPS.

If the 5G network has a lot of advantages, then there are a lot of disadvantages as well. Now one by one I will write about the advantages and disadvantages of 5G networks.

Benefits of 5G Network Services

1. The expected data rate could be achieved around 10 GBps or more. 5G network provides much higher upload and download speeds.

2. Instant connection establishment with 5G network via 5G smartphone.
3. Carrier collecting helps to achieve higher bandoth.

4. The size of the antenna will be smaller at a higher frequency. Higher data rate can be achieved through MIMO (multiple input multiple output).

5. Dynamic Beam Maker Can Remove High Frequency Path Loss.

6. Due to the improvements in 5G network architecture, hands-off is smooth and therefore when mobile user changes cell, then data transfer is not affected.

7. High resolution and bi-dimensional formation bigger bandoth.

8. More reliable, efficient, stable and well organized.

9. It’s expected that Gigabit provides broadcasting data that supports more than 60,000 connections.

10. The 5G network will provide uninterrupted, uninterrupted and consistent connections all over the world.

11. 5G network technology will be the only platform to bring together all types of networks.

12. Compared to previous network generation, 5G network will be easier to control.

13. Many services like you can know the weather and location while talking to someone else.

14. Also amazing facility will be provided by 5G network services that you can control your pc through handset.

15. 5G network services will make education much easier – students can participate in the classroom sitting in any part of the world.

16. 5G Network Services کے Patients can get treatment from any doctor in the world according to their disease medical treatment will be very easy and economical.

17. With the miracle help of 5G network services it will be much easier to monitor – a government organization and investigative tips can monitor any part of the world. It will be possible to reduce the crime rate from the world.

18. 5G network services will easily imagine the universe, galaxies and planets.

19. Don’t smile .. 5G network services will make it easier to find and find a missing person.

20. 5G network services will make it possible to detect natural disasters including tsunami, earthquakes etc.

Losses of 5G network services.

5G network services have many advantage which I mentioned above, there are also some disadvantages of 5G network services which I would like to explain below

1. Required skills engineers and technical experts for installation and maintenance of 5G network. 5G stuff will be expensive. 5G deployment and maintenance stages may increase costs.

2. The 4G handset cannot be converted into a 5G handset, so to avail 5G network services, you have to buy a 5G handsetset, which can be expensive.

3. I think 5G technology will not be for common man. Because a common man doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on 5G handset.

5G technology under development process and will take more time before fully functioning without any issue.

4. This universal truth is “High Frequency – High Damage” so 5G mm wave will suffer many losses like decrease in penetration, concentration due to rain, loss of plants etc.

5. However, 5G technology has been researched and conceived to solve all the problems of radio signal and mobile world, but most geographical areas lack security protections and technological advancements.

6. Most older devices will not be 5G eligible. Therefore, they must all be replaced with new ones and it will be a costly bargain.

7. Infrastructure development may require higher price.

8. Telecom network operators can charge consumers a lot of money to provide 5G services.
What network service you need depends on you which network service you prefer. Before benefiting from 5G services, we all need to think about how much 5G services can benefit our lives.