5G Smartphone Will Be Cheaper.

5G Smartphone Will Be Cheaper.

We all know 5G Network isn’t launched yet but the telecom market is hot with 5G mobile/5G smartphones. Mobile manufacturing companies have already warned that the price of 5G smartphones will fall in the market. Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei are all in the race for 5G phones and trying to outtake each other.

This year 2019, 30 types of 5G smartphones are expected to be run globally on qualitative 5G chipsets. Further to say that the mobile makers are paying special attention to the Indian market.

Ericsson has already announced that the royalty rate of 5G smartphones will be halved. Only the 5G smartphone royalty rate will be at $2.50 per device from $5 to accommodate the needs of markets in India where there is massive increase KL is in need of affordable appliances.

Why Will 5G Smartphone Be Cheap?

Due to the revision of GST price on electronics in India, the price of many smartphones is coming down. Maybe it’s great to hear that 30 types of 5G smartphones are set to launch in the global market this year.

Now it’s time to see what’s compatible, with this 5G phone. Samsung and Huawei are not behind even in the race of 5G smartphone. Samsung and Huawei will also launch 5G handsets that run their own chipsets. You may know that Ericsson has been involved with a variety of handset players including Xiaomi, Micromax and Intrix.

Why 5G Mobile Is Being Paid Special Attention In Market?

Many mobile manufacturers believe that India is contributing to developing technology standards like China and has balanced IPR policies, providing companies more opportunities as the industry moves towards 5G and Internet of Things. It goes.

India has so many opportunities with 5G smartphones and internet of things, new use cases and opportunity to develop technology. But it is also true that Indians fall into temptation very soon. For example, no one will buy 100 rupees worth but the same thing is priced at 99.99 rupees, then everyone starts buying.

People in India don’t buy things as per need of psychological problem in Indian people, more confident in showing, I have this thing.

Many companies also trust the Indian market. Against Erikson’s low price, Nokia, Samsung, Huawei others will also reduce the price of their 5G mobile phones. I think the number of telecom affiliated companies eyes profit on Reliance JIO.

Other telecom companies are also thinking that India is top user of mobile and internet, and in Indian market, we will easily make an edge but ground level realities are very different. Yes Reliance JIO net profit jump 65% Have to but that’s a different matter. I don’t want to talk about it.


Finally I want to say best wishes that Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei etc launch their affordable 5G smart phone in India and other countries, many people are not satisfied with 4G network and 4G smartphones.

3G service was not provided properly in any country in the whole world, till now 4G has started, 4G is not working at all, 5G preparations have started. What y’all telecom operators and telecom equipment makers doing? I think all telecom operators and manufacturers of telecom equipments have found the whole world stupid or crazy.

Working Status Of 5G Mobile:

The major service providers of the US 5G network have launched their 5G service in select areas/cities of the United States, and even if you live in one of these cities, most phones have Still there is no 5G support.

It is absolutely true that 5G speed has been the only ideological so far. Cities where 5G has been launched are neither gaining 5G speed nor 5G network is supporting mobile. Yes, you can enjoy the ideological 5G speed. We will discuss further on the cities where 5G service has started in America.

In fact, the common man of any country in this world does not need 5G mobile, 4G mobile and 4G speed for the common man. To benefit from 5G network, 5G mobile will be required which consumers have to take, may be this is the business equivalent of mobile companies “you should be forced to use 5G mobile without the need”.

I have no hesitation in writing that there are 50 million poor people in America. That means 50 million people don’t need 5G mobile. 14% of people are poor of the total US population. The same 14% of people in the US won’t be able to buy a 5G mobile and benefit from a 5G network, among the general public 40% of them don’t even need 5G mobile and 5G speed.

Then, in such situation, it’s not easy to climb 5G mobile to the peak.
Now it’s not right to say what happens next, but there are places in the U.S. where you can try to see theoretically super fast mobile internet.