5G Technology – Information About Details

5G Technology – Information About Details

5G Technology: In the last article, I promised to write complete information about 5G technology. Telecom sector is rapidly moving towards new technology. Now we are going to benefit from 5G technology before 4G technology. We Currently using all 4G technology, but by 2020 we could benefit from 5G technology.

I want to tell you that South Korea is the first country in Asia continent, which launched the first 5G network in December 2018. Deutsche company also launched 5G services in Poland in December 2018. Some countries are completely unaware of 5G technology, but the work is going on very fast.

Only a few countries of the world have started 5G technology like Sweden, Japan, China, America. Verizon is the first service provider company to launch 5G in the US but it’s still substandard but it’s being reported that 4G to 5G is gaining momentum.

What is 5G technology

5G technology means fifth generation of mobile communication. 5G technology is mainly based on five types of technology. mm wave, 2. Small cell, 3. Mass memo, 4. Complete duplex, 5. The forming of the beam.

The radio frequency in use so far was 1GHz up to a maximum of 6GHz. Bandouth is not getting enough due to the increase in traffic loads and increase in customers on this band. 5G technology uses a high frequency, called millimeter view.

The mm wave frequency would be 30 GHz to 300 GHz for 5G technology. Apparently it would be a much higher frequency. Because of the high frequency, they can transfer a lot of data. But it can be a lot of trouble to shift at this frequency. Their waves are 1 to 10 mm.

We all know that when frequency is high, dimension wave length gets smaller,we also know that low frequency requires high antenna and high frequency requires small antenna hence 5G frequency wave There will be many hurdles in moving.

5G frequency waves will affect buildings, trees, gases, even rain clouds and humidity in the atmosphere and absorb these waves and disrupt it.
5G technology mobile communication will be the latest technology of all time. They will leave 4G behind. Coming to this could make our lives a lot easier.

5G technology will deliver 100 times faster data than current maximum network speed. With the 5G network we can download several GB data in seconds.

How will 5G technology work?

Knowing how 5G works, it’s very important to know about two articles like first mm view and small cell. So far, we are using 4G network which has frequency band 2ghz 8ghz but 5g network uses high frequency 28ghz and 39ghz and this high frequency is known as mm There goes the tide.

This mm wave can carry large amounts of data at very fast speeds with minimal downtime or intervals. It is important to mention here the technology on which 5G network is based, as I wrote above, five technology based 5G network. Now I will write everything about them.

mm wave

The band of mm waves from 30 Ghz to 300 Ghz spectrum is called mm waves. As I wrote above, when the frequency is higher the wave length will be smaller. In this situation Banduth will increase.

When frequency is reduced, it’s range means that the distance for it to reach certain places increases. They are very little impressed by any building, tree or weatherThis 5Gmm wave affects the building, trees, environment and clouds a lot too.

Small sale

The small and low-power antennas used in 5G technology are called small cells. These can be installed in large quantities on poles or pillars anywhere. When wave length is short, the antenna is too small for them, about a few inches.

For 5G technology, engineers have taken the idea that keeping small panels, antenna should be installed. So that network can easily be accessed around the building and behind the building.

Massive memo

Mass memo (multiple input single output) means fitting hundreds or thousands of antennas into the same box or panel. This is configuration 2,4 for receiving and transfer. It saves energy and has no damage to varicose veins.

Complete duplex

The full duplex method is slightly different than the traditional half duplex. Separate channels are used for receiving and transferring in half-duplexes. Whereas the same transceiver throughout the duplex can transfer the same frequency to the same receiver and data.

But what’s interesting is that when transmitter data transmitters use this technique, the device’s antenna is closer to it. This is what caused the intervention. However, the engineers have not yet succeeded in it. But they are using this silicon transistor which can be successful in this technique.

Formation of the beam

We first try to understand beam formation in simple words. Suppose you light your torch in the dark and focus on a place or object. In this process, the focus between the torch and the object is called beam formation. Yes.

Similarly, in 5G technology, beam-forming, transmitters are used to transfer signals to the user’s device. In this process, many antennas transfer data for the user’s devices to the same type of signal.

The mentioned 5 technology is the only success of 5G technology. Below I will give a brief look at the pros and cons of 5G technology.