Destan Episode 6 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 6 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 6 in Urdu Subtitles, As you know, it has not been long since he came to Vaspurakan, Honorable Kekavmenos. Before I could complete my expeditions your son put all Turkmens in the vicinity to the sword. Actually, that’s why I came to Ani from Vaspurakan to see you. After all, you are the only one who is in charge of the entire region, including. Vaspurakan. Vaspurakan is not like Georgia, Mr Governor. You cannot deal with these winged snakes in the ways of your uncle Lipari. Let go, you’ll get our heads here.

Why did Yannis bring these here?

We are Turks, we do not kneel before the infidels. Here you see it. What I see is that I have a lot to learn from you as well as from my uncle Liparit, Mr Tekfur. Why did Yannis bring these here? I asked you to make the final decision, dear dear father. Haven’t you learned what to do yet, Yannis? Seiko. Since the Byzantine expedition will not relent to the Turkmen. Since the rabid dogs of this cruel disbeliever put the innocent to the sword. Destan Episode 6 in Urdu Subtitles, They will pay the price for their oppression. What is your command, my Sultan?

whom I ordered from Merv Obası to set out quickly!

Let the quick preparations begin, Hâce. They seem to have forgotten how sharp our sword is, how hot our anger is how bitter our revenge is. It is time for an expedition to Anatolia to put an end to the persecution of the outrageous Byzantine infidels. Turkmen. Order belongs to our Sultan. My Sultan, what do you order us to say to the people who are waiting for your crown decision? Is now the time for this, Kunduri? I will announce my crown decision after the Anatolian expedition. My Sultan, which of our kings will you order to join this blessed expedition? My valiant, whom I ordered from Merv Obası to set out quickly.

What a sprinkling wolf honey!

Hasan, son of Musa Yabgu Erbaskan, son of Yusuf Yınal and Alparslan, son of Çağri Bey. Ghazni Sultan. Mevdud’s daughter and together with the Governor of the Bust, Emir Bozan, honoured our tribe. Grandfather. Look at my prince. What a sprinkling wolf honey. Uncle. My lion. Daddy. Be blessed, my daughter. Mommy. Welcome, the light of my eye, you brought joy. I saw you well. We are good. You are welcome too, Emir Bozan. Welcome, Mr Çağrı. You know, we saw a wolf on the way. He was alone, he was a big man. Destan Episode 6 in Urdu Subtitles, Was it white, black or brown, and especially the wolf?

We heard that Sultan Mevdud was ill!

The wolf was black. Wow, black wolf. Wow, black wolf. How’s your health, dad? Thank God for the Glorious. How are you actually a girl? We heard that Sultan Mevdud was ill. Tell me what’s in Ghazni. Shall we go to your tent, Dad? We weren’t expecting you brother. When Şehver Sultan wanted to come to his party for the Nevruz Festival, we accompanied him so that he could come safely. Well done, you came. Destan Episode 6 in Urdu Subtitles, It’s nice that you were smoking in my eyes. Thank you, my sister. Where is Solomon?

He is the most powerful candidate for the throne

It’s not visible around. He was at the root game, brother, he must be washing his hands. We heard that our Tugrul Bey was going to appoint the heir to the Seljuk throne. Is it true? It’s true, Bozan. Solomon. And what else has he heard? Melik Suleiman’s skills, that he is the most powerful candidate for the throne. Will a man who can’t beat his brother even in Kok Boru ever become a sultan? Suleiman is the ore that makes man the sultan of the world.

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